“Investing our time, expectations, and visions of a dream home with Bryant Boyd was a brilliant choice and outstanding return on money spent. When challenged with a difficult to build on sloped and large tree covered lot, Bryant exceeded expectations. When challenged by my wife to design a gourmet kitchen incorporating her ideas of open space and usage and grand kitchen features, Bryant exceeded expectations. When she first saw the kitchen drawings with the multi level functional island, the stepped up recessed ceiling and the open views, she knew he had carefully listened to both her specific and conceptual dreams and ideas. Aside from a very practical, functional, handicap accessible home utilizing many green building features, Bryant Boyd created five “WOWS”. The wow view from the street; the wow view approaching the front porch; the wow experience stepping through the front door; the wow views from the kitchen island including across the great room through three French doors to the San Gabriel River below; and, the wow views and year round experience of the screened in porch. Bryant is one of the most creative and visual architects I have had the pleasure to work with during my almost 40 years of building and construction experience. He listens, he asks good questions, he performs and he served our needs exceptionally well. Without reservation, I recommend Bryant Boyd for the services he provides.”

“I have been building homes in the Georgetown area for the last ten years and have always found Bryant to be a trusted resource for design work. Whether it is using one of his many stock plans which provide popular designs at affordable prices or using his full design / consultation services, he has always taken care of me and my customers with the utmost professionalism. Some of the concerns by the previous reviewer seem to be more related to their lack of research in their own project as oppossed to any deficiency with their design professional.

Bottom line is if you want a local professional with an understanding of area designs and construction procedures, and a staff that is an extension of the owners principles, then Bryant Boyd Design Services is a great option.”

“Bryant designed our home in 2002 and it was a wonderful experience. It is 2011 and we LOVE our house and the design. When we downsize in 5 years we will certainly look to him for his expertise again. All positive all the way!”

“My husband and I hired Bryant to design our dream home and he exceeded our expectations on every point. The time we spent with him going over our thoughts were so helpful because he understood our goals and then guided us to achieve them. He brought so much to the table that we never even thought about. Bryant also has quite an education in “green” or LEED building and was so up to date on the latest trends and what worked and didn’t work. My husband and I would do our research on the web and then bring our thoughts to him. Bryant very professionally described the technology we were interested in and went through all of the pros, cons and ROI. Every time, he was spot on.

I encourage you to interview Bryant as we did and make your own decision. After our experience, he is who I send our friends to when they want the best to help them create their dreams.”

“We hired Bryant to design our Georgetown home while we were living in Belgium. Hence our initial communication was long distance by phone, Internet and mail. We communicated back and forth for six months before our return to the USA. Not a single problem despite the long distance relationship. Eventually we relocated to Georgetown and continued our planning on a face-to-face basis. At one point we had to stop for six months because of the stock market collapse in 2008. Again, not a problem. When we resumed, Bryant made the adjustments that we requested to make construction more affordable. After breaking ground with San Gabriel Construction (a high quality builder with integrity), Bryant continued to monitor progress on the home and work with the builder to resolve the inevitable issues that arise once construction is underway. Bottom line: we are so happy with our home and do not hesitate to recommend J. Bryant Boyd.”

“It seemed as though it would take us a lifetime to afford to build our dream house. We were fortunate enough to find this firm when we did. They all helped us create the perfect home. Bryant and his team were so helpful to us and worked with us on all the intricate details we wanted. There were areas that I had my heart set on and it looked as though we would never find our way around a decision. Bryant came up with the perfect solution for the exterior and added the extra space we wanted on the back of our property. Our house is completely finished now and looking back from where it all began, with a dream and lots of hope, Bryant and his group helped make our dreams come true while working with my not-so-flexible budget. Now my in-laws are building a home on the lake with a boat house. Fortunately, my father-in-law can leave all these details up to Bryant. Thank you Bryant! We love our new home!”

“Bryant is a fantastic architect who possesses the right mix of creativity and attention to his clients’ tastes and preferences. He is detail oriented and provides his services on time and within the agreed upon budget. In our case, Bryant designed an addition to a 1920s bungalow that provided us the space we needed while respecting the architectural integrity of the house. I highly recommend Bryant’s work.”

“Bryant is a quality oriented architect with a great eye for design. His brain works in very creative ways. He has a unique style and a real obsession for architecture. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to build a custom estate.”

“We hired J. Bryant at the recommendation of a friend as the architect for our extensive remodel project. He is very easy to work with, quickly identifying the needs of our project through easy conversation. A natural collaborator with a strong sense of ownership, he not only took the time to iteratively converge on the final design, but also met with the builder and visited the construction site several times to help faciliate design/construction discussions as needed. We would not hesitate to use J. Bryant Boyd again on our next project.”

“Bryant listened to how we live our lives; designed a house to meet our needs; and continues to be great support throughout construction.”

“Bryant was willing to build the house of our dreams, a Storybook English Cottage. His knowledge of architectural design, materials, and color combinations plus his ability to manage it all on our small lot resulted in the home we imagined and now enjoy!”

“I felt that you listened to what we wanted and helped us to incorporate our ideas into a house design that we had visualized.”

“Bryant did an excellent job of listening to design concept “wants”, and fulfilling these sketchy descriptions into a house that actually matched our expectation.”

“The design of our new home is beautiful, but most importantly, it fits our needs beautifully. After several weeks we still marvel at how perfectly it matches our lifestyle.”

“Bryant has been a real pleasure to work with in the design phase of our new home. We knew from the first meeting with him at the lot that he was our man. His ability to carefully listen to our thoughts, ideas and conversations then transform them into the design that fit our family’s needs is incredible. Bryant delivered every step of the way in a professional, friendly and timely manner.”