Our Firm

Since 1992,  J. Bryant Boyd Design-Build has been a recognized leader in custom home design, construction, and restoration. We strive to create authentic, energy intelligent homes to fit the site and our client’s resources. Our designs are steeped in the history and tradition of Central Texas while seamlessly fusing modern technology and materials. This union creates a beautiful, sustainable home that will represent the character of our time well into the next century.

Our Philosophy

We believe that your Architect is your builder in the tradition of the true Master Builder; that all construction begins with design and should be led with the same insight and vision as the design process itself. We merge the art of the Architecture and the technology of construction into a seamless and thorough process that is an engaging collaboration between the client, the architect, and the tradesmen who ultimately bring the project to life.


Our commitment to quality design and efficient construction is understood in each step of the process and beyond. We are the craftsmen who relish in the details of authenticity, so our desire is to hear from you, even after years of living in your home, that you “love your home”. Join us as we explore how we can help you find your new home.